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Six Myths About Wireless Charging Stations And The Truth Behind Them

Wireless charging pads are a relatively new way to charge your phone, and if you haven't tried one of these innovative charging stations yet, you may be wondering how they work. You may have also heard a few myths about these charging stations. Here's a look at the most prevalent myths and the truth behind them.

1. Myth: You Can Use a Wireless Charger From Anywhere.

Some people mistakenly believe that wireless chargers work like WiFi—you turn on the charger, and then it remotely sends charging waves to your phone to give juice to its battery. This is a great idea, and it would be great if it were true, but unfortunately, this is just a myth. You can't use a wireless charger unless you physically place your phone onto the charging pad.

2. Myth: Wireless Charging Stations Don't Require Wires

This is a common misconception, perpetuated by the name of the product. To break it down, wireless means that you don't put any wires or cords into the phone. Instead, you just set the phone down on a pad, and that recharges the phone. However, the pad itself has a cord, and that needs to be plugged into a wall. If you don't have an outlet or a car charger or something to connect the "wireless" charger to power, it won't work.

3. Myth: Wireless Charging Stations Are Compatible With All Phones.

The idea that you can use a wireless charger with every type of phone is attractive. If this myth were true, you could put out wireless chargers at your home or office, and anyone who needed a charge could just place their phone on them. However, cell phone technology is too complex for this to be true. Most wireless chargers only work with select phones, but they may work with several different models.

For instance, if you have a Samsung phone and your roommate has an older model of the same brand of phone, you may be able to share a wireless charger. However, if you have an iPhone and someone else has a BLU phone, you may need different chargers. Note that these are just examples—you need to check which model of phones your wireless charger is compatible with before ordering your charger.

4. Myth: Wireless Charging Stations Only Take One Phone.

On the flip side of the above myth, is the pervasive idea that you can only put one phone on a wireless charging pad. This is also not true. Some charging pads are only designed for one phone, but you can also get charging pads and stations that work with multiple phones at the same time.

5. Myth: Charging Pads Only Come in One Design.

While the standard charging pad may just be a sleek black pad that looks at home on your desk or bedside table, that is not the only option. You can get charging pads in all kinds of shapes and designs. You can even get charging pads that have been integrated with desk lamps.

6. Myth: You Can't Use Your Phone While It's Charging

This is also untrue. Just as you can use your phone while it's charging via a cord, you can also use your phone while it's on a charging mat. There may be some limitations—namely, if your phone is completely dead, you may need to let it charge a bit before you can turn it on.

If you like to use your phone while you are charging it, you may want to look for a charging pad that accommodates that. For instance, instead of choosing a pad that sits flat on a table, you may want a pad that holds your phone upright so you can watch a show while it charges—but note that this slows charging in most cases.

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