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Tired Of Cleaning Your Firearms The Old-Fashioned Way? Clean Them Using Piezo-Powered Ultrasonic Equipment

If you own firearms, you know how important it is to keep them clean. You also know how time-consuming it can be to clean each individual piece by hand. That's where piezo technology comes in. Ultrasound equipment, using piezo technology, allows you to give your firearms a deep cleaning – including the intricate pieces that can be difficult to clean by hand. One of the benefits of cleaning your firearms using ultrasound equipment is that all the oils and gun powder residue are completely removed, which reduces the occurrence of jams and misfires. Here's a quick guide on how to care for your firearms using piezo-powered ultrasound equipment.

Clean Your Firearm

If you've never used ultrasonic equipment to clean your firearms, there are just a few variations you'll need to be aware of. Breakdown your firearm the way you normally would for traditional cleaning. Load your ultrasonic cleaning unit with your cleaning solvent. It's important to note that the cleaning solvent you'll use for your ultrasonic cleaner is water soluble, which means you won't be dealing with the oily mess of traditional solvents. Clean your small parts first, using your ultrasonic cleaner. Once you've cleaned your small parts, you can use your ultrasonic cleaner on your larger components. The good thing about the piezo technology is that it will allow you to take care of detailed cleaning that is usually impossible with traditional firearms cleaning.

Lubricate the Mechanisms

Once you've cleaned your firearms, you'll need to lubricate them. This part of the process is particularly important. The solvent you've used to clean your firearms is water-soluble, which means they will need to be dried. That's where the ultrasonic lubrication comes in. With the piezo-powered ultrasonic equipment, you'll be able to thoroughly lubricate every area of your weapon. This process will also displace the water, which will prevent harm to your weapon. Be sure to use the lubricating solvent designed specifically for your ultrasonic equipment.

Store It Safely

After your firearms are cleaned and lubricated, they'll need to be stored in a dry, dust-free environment. For the safety of your firearms, as well as for those around you, be sure that your weapons are always stored in locking gun safes.

You need to keep your firearms clean, but you don't need to take the time to clean them the old-fashioned way. Piezo-powered ultrasonic equipment will allow you to clean your firearms quickly and thoroughly.

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