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How A Two-Way Satellite Radio System Benefits Your Business Operations

If staying in touch with your mobile employees is critical, you may want to consider upgrading to satellite two-way radio communication. This system has several advantages over a land-based system that you may be using now, especially if your employees travel to remote locations. Here are few things to know about satellite communication.

Works Independently Of Cell Towers

When you have a two-way radio that operates off a satellite, you no longer have to depend on cell towers for your communications to go through. This means you'll have an easier time staying in touch when there is a disaster like a hurricane or during peak call times like Mother's Day. Your radios work directly off a satellite that orbits the earth that acts like a giant cell phone tower that provides national coverage. For that reason, there is no problem with switching cell towers or roaming charges as your employees travel around the country. While your employees may continue to use cell phones too, having satellite backup means you'll have a way to communicate when a cell tower goes down. Plus, you'll be able to stay in touch with employees that travel to places with no cell phone access so you can monitor their work and safety.

Communication Is Secure

Another good thing about satellite radio communication is that it is much more private than other systems. You won't have to worry about someone picking up your conversations on a scanner. If your business is involved in law enforcement, military contracting, private investigation, or other type of work that requires confidentiality, secure communications are of utmost importance. Your calls are kept secure through scrambling and digital encoding.

Systems Are Versatile

There are several types of two-way radio systems available when you upgrade to satellite, so you can configure the ideal system for your business based on the number of employees you have. You can install a fleet system so you can track and communicate with multiple vehicles during the day, or you can install a more portable system to be used by a few valuable employees. You can even set up talk groups if you have offices located around the country. A two-way satellite radio can even communicate with vessels on the water, which allows employees involved in transportation of goods or security patrol to stay in contact with land-based offices and employees. There is never a concern with being near civilization or a land-based system since you'll be able to communicate with anyone that has access to the sky.

Another advantage of going with a two-way satellite system is that it is very quick and easy to install. All you have to do is buy the hardware and hook into the existing satellite in the sky. This saves a lot of time and money over hardwiring a land-based system.

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