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The Pros And Cons Of Intelligent Energy Management

Many energy providers are offering commercial businesses intelligent energy management services. These services are intended to help a commercial business lower their energy usage, by showing them where they are using energy, how they can cut energy, and managing how much energy they use at peak times. While there are many advantages to this type of energy management system, there are also a few disadvantages as well. Learning about the pros and cons of such a program can help you decide whether or not you should proceed with enrolling in one. Here are some of the pros and cons of intelligent energy management. Cons of Intelligent Energy Management: The Strategies an Energy Company Recommends May be Costly to Implement- One of the things that happens when you sign up for such a program is that an energy consultant comes to your commercial building and evaluates the efficiency of your building, electronics and appliances. Basically, they are looking to see what in the building is using energy, and how the energy that that item is using can be decreased. In some cases, energy consultants may recommend you make costly changes to the building to increase your efficiency. While you always reserve the right to decide whether or not to make the changes, failing to implement the costly strategies may prevent you from being eligible to join the program. You May be Agreeing to Give Up Some of Your Power When Other's Consumption Increases- The second downside to this type of energy management system is that you may be agreeing to give up some of your power when energy consumption by other buildings increases. Intelligent management helps the energy company balance their power loads. If the city is experiencing a heatwave and everyone is using their air conditioners, they need to cut energy from somewhere to prevent blackouts, otherwise known as rolling brownouts, due to not having enough power. You have likely signed an agreement that states you will give up some of your power when this happens, in exchange for the discount you get for participating in a program. Although it is rare that this happens, this is an important factor to keep in mind. Pros of Intelligent Energy Management: Helps You Decrease Your Energy Usage- One of the upsides to intelligent energy management through a company like Greensleeves Energy Solutions is that enrolling in such a program helps you decrease your energy usage. Decreasing your energy usage help you and your business due their part to solve the growing energy crisis. With energy usage drastically increasing, and the grids designed to carry energy aging, there is growing concern surrounding energy companies being able to supply enough power to homes and businesses. If everyone cut back on their energy consumption, the concern would decrease. But instead, people are continuously upping their consumption, putting further strain on the system. Your commercial business can enroll in one of these programs to help decrease your energy consumption and reduce the strain your business puts on the system. Helps You Decrease Your Monthly Energy Expenses- The last benefit to intelligent energy management is that it helps you decrease your monthly energy expenses. Typically, you get a small discount for participating in this type of program, usually around five to ten percent off per month from the energy company. In addition to this, you are reducing your energy consumption, which also helps to lower your bill. Not only will this benefit you now, but this will benefit you in the future as well. The costs of energy are only expected to continue to climb, so learning how to save energy now can help your commercial business to keep their usage low and continue to save money in the future.


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